Ivana Alawi's Mansion in Bahrain ( House Tour )

Having your very own nice and clean home to live comfortably will be one of the most important things and greatest blessings we could ever have. We all know that many Filipino families don’t really have their own decent home and spent a lot of years renting apartments and houses. It was really a sad reality but many of us definitely experienced and are still experiencing this kind of situation.

Even some of the most successful celebrities today experience living in a small house as well and live just a very simple life away from the limelight. Because they had experienced a lot of hardships in life they work really hard and dedicated their talents and skills in their chosen craft. But as many celebrities started from the very beginning to acquire all the properties and the wealth they have now, there were still some who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Just like Ivana Alawi, who was considered as the most admired and most followed social media personality in the country today. Not just because she really looks hot and gorgeous but she really has that simplicity and her humor that many people love the most about her. Little did we all know that she is not just your ordinary celebrity but an heiress! Her Moroccan father had left her all his inheritance before he passed away. One of those is an amazing two-story mansion in Bahrain where Ivana grew up.

The Kapamilya actress recently shared on her YouTube channel her elegant and luxurious home in Bahrain. The house looks amazing from the outside for it’s a light and very feminine color. Her pieces of furniture and the interior decorations were all very amazing and elegant-looking. She had also revealed that she loves chandeliers which she imported from Italy and in Dubai. Almost all the areas in the house have chandeliers. The beautiful house also has three bedrooms on the first floor and four other rooms on the second floor.

She becomes emotional as she had shown her late father’s room which she didn’t change even a bit. And for her, she will forever let that room his father’s place whatever happens. She had also occupied the master’s bedroom in the house which is very spacious and is also fit for a queen like her. Her bathroom was really stunning as well and so was her walk-in closet.
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