Janine Gutierrez Talks About " Lahat Talaga Iniiwan" Story Goes Viral

No one wanted to be left alone by anyone. You would probably say that you never wanted to experience such a heartbreaking scene where you will be left alone, helpless, heartbroken and crying. May it be because of a third party, different priorities, personal reasons or you just fell out of love. Never in your wildest dream, you visioned yourself to be in that scenario isn’t? But would you believe that this actually happens not just because of love or in a relationship? It can also happen when your car or your driver left you without even realizing that you are not inside the car yet! Funny isn’t? But it really does happen to a famous celebrity just recently.

Janine Gutierrez shared on her social media account about the “lutang moment” of her driver. According to the 30-year-old Kapuso actress, she went inside her car to put her phone and get her wallet. After that, she closed the door and walked to the ATM machine just across the street where her car was parked. She was very shocked to know that her car was gone in just a few minutes she was away! Her driver thought that she was already inside her car but she was really not. From Makati, her driver was already in Mandaluyong!

Because she doesn’t have her phone with her anymore as she placed it inside her car, she decided to borrow a phone from someone and texted her father since she didn’t really remember her driver’s phone number. Her father then called her driver asking where is Janine but her driver confidently replied that Janine was with him at that time. Janine’s father told him that Janine wasn’t there and the driver was very much surprised that Janine was not there and he even asked her father where could she be?

It was really a funny scenario but most of us really experience such “lutang moment” where we oftentimes felt that we are not in our own selves, we felt like we just did something out of this world and  felt so embarrassed afterwards. How about you, what is you most unforgettable “lutang moment”?
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