Joshua Garcia Now Happy , Does He Found New Inspiration ?

Love is full of mysteries as many people would definitely describe what it really means to them. Some people may also say that love is the most amazing feeling they could ever experience in their lifetime, it is still proven that love can really hurt more than you could ever imagine. It was never easy to move on after experiencing such heartbreak but time will come that you will realize that God didn’t let you end with the wrong person but rather let you experience a lot of things to become a better woman or a better man for the perfect person for you.

We all knew about the controversial break-up of JoshLia's love team. A lot of their fans and supporters were shocked to learn from both of them that they had decided to end their relationship but they will still remain professional when it comes to work and their respective careers. They may have fallen apart but their fans and supporters were still hoping that someday, the scars in their hearts would be healed by someone deserving with their love and loyalty.

Stories  are spreading that the Kapamilya actor Joshua Garcia has a new inspiration in life after what happened to him and to Julia a few months ago. According to some articles spreading online after Joshua was linked to his fellow-actor Janella Salvador, his heart seems to be happy now with the 25-year-old gorgeous actress and social media star Sarah Carlos.

Netizens speculated that there is something romantic going on between them after photos of Joshua Garcia circulated in different social media platforms where he seems to be hiding behind walls while holding a bouquet of flowers on his hands. Sarah commented on the viral photo saying “Yieheeeee” together with three heart emojis. It caught the attention of the public and speculated rumors that she is the closest woman to Joshua’s heart these days.

Although there are still no confirmations from both parties, a lot of Joshua’s fans and supporters were very happy that he was able to smile such a beautiful smile now despite all the things he had gone through in the past few months. True enough that you can still do a lot of things to make you happy and contented after experiencing heartbreak, that is why we should never ever think that the pain we are all experiencing during our heartbreaks will never ever be healed again. Don’t ever forget to love yourself as well so that people can still love you for who you are and who you will ever be in the future.

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