LEAKED: The Acts That Defeats Marcelito Pomoy in AGT

America’s Got Talent: The Champions Season 2 started to amaze everyone last January 6. There have been many amazing contestants all over the globe who showcase their unique, incredible, and hilarious performances. The season started with just 50 contestants until there were only 10 finalists left who will have a chance to get the title of Agt: The Champions Season 2. The finalist for this season is Alexa Lauenburger, Duo Transcend, Angelina Jordan, Boogie Storm, Silhouettes, Hans, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Marcelito Pomoy, and the V. Unbeatable.

Among the 10 finalists, a lot of netizens were thinking that it would be “V. Unbeatable” who would be crowned as the champions among champions. A lot of netizens are making buzz online that they will definitely be the champion of this season as they had given such high energy and very intense performance in front of everyone. The group who has a bicycle-themed routine for the finals made every single person watching them get nervous, get chilled and they were definitely looking forward to seeing more of their incredible talents! V. Unbeatable is a Mumbai based dance crew. They rose to fame in India when they took part in the dance series dance plus for season 4 in 2018 and came in the top 4. They received international coverage when they took part in season 14 of America's Got Talent and received a golden buzzer from guest Judge Dwyane Wade.

But little did we know that “V” from their name “V. Unbeatable” was created in honor of the person who co-founded the group. Vikas who tragically passed away because of an accident as the group was rehearsing their upcoming performance has been honored and each member of the group has “Vikas” printed at the back of their costumes. Their unbelievable and incredible acts made everyone think that it was the best act for this season. As a matter of fact, one of the Judges, Howie Mandel, commented that he has never seen any performance like that before! It was described as “un-freaking-believable!” by Judge Gabrielle Union. It seems that this group didn’t mind physics and gravity as they just seem to float, to fly, and made their way to perform and to showcase their goose bumping performance ever!
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