Love Story That Started With A Wave from Messenger Now Happily Married

For some people love stories about friends turned into lovers were very relatable. Some met their first love at school back in their elementary days, high school days or maybe in their college days. Actually, there were also some people whose love story started at their workplace. But believe it or not, there were actually some other people who find their one true love in social media platforms.

This is one of the kilig stories of a Filipino couple. The wife named Kate Garcia-Axalan shared their unique and beautiful story online. She revealed that her road to forever with her husband started with a “wave”. The very famous “wave” on the Messenger app.  It was back on December 6, 2017, when her husband, Gian Arlo Axalan send her a “wave” and she replied back. She also asked him if they knew each other or if they have met before but Gian confessed that they haven’t met before as he only saw her on his news feed that time and it triggers him to get to know her.

Who would have thought that two different strangers from different places l would end up being friends and that friends will blossom into a romantic and special relationship? Unfortunately, they couldn’t meet each other so soon as Gian was living in Italy at that time while Kate was in the Philippines. Although it was really hard to be in a long-distance relationship, they still make it work and they even become stronger amidst all the struggles and the challenges they have been experiencing because of their relationship.

It was back in May 2018 when Gian finally met this lovely woman whom he spends late-night talks with.  All their sacrifices were all worth it after they finally got a chance to meet each other in person. Because of Gian’s good intentions for Kate, the latter said “Yes” when Gian proposed to her back on June 22, 2018. They were already engaged at that time but Gian needs to go back to Italy for another 17 months before their most-awaited wedding. But as always, true love wins and true love conquers all. This lovely couple finally tied the knot last December 6, 2019, two years after their relationship started with just a simple “wave”.
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