Meet Sue Ramirez New Found Love "GWAPO AT MAYAMAN"

Celebrities nowadays would find it very hard to keep a lot of things away from the public’s eyes! Especially now that social media has been used by almost every one of us from morning until night and even more than those hours to see their family’s or friends’ whereabouts and even their favorite celebrities “love life”. But still, a lot of netizens are still surprised to see their favorite celebrities dating other popular showbiz personalities.

No wonder that speculations about Sue Ramirez dating another guy after her sad break-up surfaced on different social media platforms. A lot of her fans and supporters were speculating that she is seeing her co-star Javi Benitez in the past few months. It is because some of their sweet photos were circulation online where Sue and Javi were holding their hands in the middle of a grassy field wearing just their swimwear. The viral photo was posted on Javi’s social media account with a caption, “Can I call you sometime?”.

Many people believed that their hands were intertwined in the photo and that was actually a gesture that only lovers do. Most netizens were surprised that Sue was already moving on real-quick from her previous relationship which unfortunately had an unhappy ending. There were also some netizens saying that Sue is very wise to date a son of a congressman! While some other netizens congratulated her for her newfound love. Although there were still no confirmations from both parties, a lot of people assumed that there is something special going on between the two. 

Sue Anna Garina Dodd, professionally known as Sue Ramirez is a 23-year-old Kapamilya actress, singer, model, social media personality and host. She rose to fame being a part of the ABS-CBN remake of “Mula Sa Puso”. She played the role od Nicole Matias and after that, a lot more opportunities come her way even until today. BoyBandPh member Joao Constancia and Sue have been in a relationship since 2017 and a lot of their fans and supporters were saddened by the news that they already called it quits because of their differences according to the latter.
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