Most Beautiful Woman in the World and Highest Paid Model

Have you ever dreamed of having flawlessly white and younger-looking skin? Many Filipino people, even the younger generation today was influenced to dream of having beautiful skin just like many local and international celebrities. But as much as many people are loving flawlessly white skin, there was this beautiful young lady who has dark skin which was dubbed as the most beautiful woman in the world and is also considered as one of the highest-paid models in the world!

This gorgeous woman was later known as Anok Yai. She is a girl who hails from Southern Sudan and had immediately captured the hearts of many people because of her admirable beauty. The very first photo of Anok Yai which surfaced in different social media platforms was a candid photo of her taken by a photographer during their homecoming at Plymouth State University in the school where she studied in New Hampshire.  Photo source: AmokYai Instagram

After several weeks, Anok Yai becomes famous for her amazing candid shot. She also got an offer from a top modeling agency in New York where she has signed her first-ever modeling project. She is now the latest spokesperson of Estee Lauder which is a top of the line cosmetic brand in the globe. According to some reports, she charges about $15,000 per hour of fashion photography. Her face and her skin color have been one of her assets in becoming a successful model known internationally. Her beauty is not just a head-turner but a lot more people entrust the company she endorses that is why many companies wanted her to be their model.

True enough that beauty is not only about the color of one’s skin. It is not about the waistline or bra size of women but it is about the self-confidence you have inside you and the love you shower yourself every single day. It is not every day when we learn about these kinds of inspiring stories but it was indeed a great testimony for a lot more women and even youth out there to be proud of what and who you are and the success would just be right there for you.
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