Sarah Geronimo's Bodyguard Goes To Raffy Tulfo

It was just recently when rumors about long term celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli spread in different social media platforms. A lot of people were surprised as those rumors happened to be true! It was just recently when Jerry Tamara, Sarah’s close-in security seek help from Raffy Tulfo’s popular program. He narrated everything that happened on the said “secret wedding” of the famous celebrity couple.

According to Jerry, he was hired by the singer’s mother, Mommy Divine and that he would always update her about everything Sarah does. But when their secret wedding happened, he was confused about why Sarah would tell all her bodyguards and her driver to go home early and to leave her together with Matteo, her fiancĂ©, and his family.

The said family dinner happened somewhere in Bonifacio Global City. Because Jerry told Sarah’s mother everything, Mommy Divine hurriedly went to the place where she made a commotion. When Sarah and Matteo were escaping from the fire exit, Jerry followed them and asked Sarah if she can talk to her mother first before going anywhere. But Matteo immediately told him that it was none of his business and that Sarah is already his wife. It is where Matteo allegedly hit Jerry near his throat.

Everyone was very emotional, even Sarah was in tears as her mother made a scene on their “secret wedding”. Matteo’s family couldn’t help but answer back to all the accusations and hard words mommy Divine had told them. On the other hand, mommy Divine as the mother of the famous Kapamilya singer felt betrayed as everyone had lied to her and planned the said wedding without her permission as a parent and without her knowledge at all!

It can be remembered that according to some reports, Sarah and Matteo had been engaged for a year already after they let the public knew about it. Many people were happy that they are finally preparing for their wedding but a lot more rumors revealed that Sarah’s parents didn’t really want Matteo for their daughter. But still, Matteo revealed in one of his interviews that he will do everything for their relationship and that Sarah is worth fighting for.
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  1. Oh-uh... a conflict with Parents is one problem that will last long.... They should settle the misunderstanding...