The Truth About Angel Locsin Not Renewing Her Contract To ABSCBN

The public were surprised by the stories circulating in the social media in the past few days regarding the ABSCBN having a franchise renewal issues. Their  social media account shared their side  about the controversial issue that the network, as well as its thousand employees, are facing.

Several  fans and supporters of Angel Locsin were very surprised to know that the actress does not renew her contract with the network until today. The reason, is because Angel Locsin was busy preparing for her upcoming wedding with her fiancé, Neil Arce. On the Kapamilya actress’s post, she reminded everyone to “Think before you click”. She has requested not to let the network shut down because it will have a great devastating impact on each and every employee the network has.

She mentioned all the cameramen, utilities, art, and technical departments, the production team, the actors, directors, caterers, producers, lightmen, crew, tents, and many other employees of the famous network. She also stated that the ABS-CBN network has been her home for several years already and that she genuinely loves every person she knew and she worked within the network. She was able to hear their stories from their respective goals in life, to their priorities, all their sacrifices and all the hard works they are giving in their line of work.

She clarified things about some issues about her not having a contract renewal on her home network but it was all because of her upcoming wedding. She expressed her love for those people she treated as families and friends as an actress of the network who will greatly suffer when the closure of the network will happen this coming March. The famous actress pleads for the utmost consideration that the authorities can give to the thousands of people working under the ABS-CBN Network.

Even until now, there is still no confirmation if the network will finally be allowed to renew its franchise. But there are still a lot of celebrities especially Kapamilya actors and actresses who showed their support to the ABS-CBN network.
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