There Is Something Special To His Voice

Did you ever try singing in a shower, while washing the dishes or doing the laundry? Many of us are fond of singing our hearts out when we feel sad, we feel tired and worried. It makes us feel comfortable, renewed, and stronger. Even though not every one of us is a great singer, it simply calms and relaxed our mind and body. No wonder that many of us usually sing together with our friends, and even with our family members during our bonding moments.

It was just recently when a video of this  boy immediately went viral online. His voice really sounds professional despite the fact that he looks like a student. Many netizens also noticed that he is different from other  boys like him but still his singing skills were really impressive. His viral video which was posted by a netizen named Trixie Madison on February 5 at 6 PM had already gained 1.5 million views as of this writing, it also has more than 101,000 reactions online. As of this writing, it already has countless comments from the public.

Most of the netizens praised the  boy’s incredible singing skills. Some of them also commented that he can actually join singing competitions and that he will definitely win. There were also some netizens who mentioned the name of the “Tawag ng Tanghalan’ Season 1 finalist Carl Malone Montecido who really looks like him. Though there is no confirmation yet, the number of netizens who were very amazed by his performance as he sings inside a store increases tremendously.

True enough that many individuals have their own talents to show and to share with everybody, not to boast but to inspire other people that even though they may have the same plight as him, there will always be something to be grateful for. We are blessed to have so many things in life that we sometimes take for grant as we are busy counting the blessings of other people around us. The next time we see or encounter people like him, we will always have the respect and the admiration for them because of the incredible and impressive skills they have.
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