Vlogger Jomar Lovena Reacts to Sachzna Laparan Viral Video Issue

It was just recently when Jomar Lovena, a popular director, actor, editor, producer, comedian, commercial ads ambassador made rounds in different social media platforms for expressing his own thoughts and reactions about the controversial video of Miss Flawless Sachzna Laparan. Sachzna Laparan is a 21-year-old model, singer, and one of the most admired and followed social media personalities today. Her alluring beauty and gorgeous physique captured the hearts of the public.

She becomes popular because of her entertaining videos and collaboration with another social media star, Jomar Lovena. Laparan already has more than 1.7 million followers on her social media account. She is popularly known as Miss Flawless as she endorses Frontrow Products like “Luxxe White”. She is also an official “Paint Babe” for A-Plus All Weather Paint.

Sachzna Laparan's controversial video surfaced online .The video garnered a lot of negative comments and reactions from the public. A lot of people judged her already because of the video . Netizens could not believe that she would actually do that thing and that her video will immediately go viral online.

On the separate video of Lovena, he expresses his reactions to the comments of the public towards Miss Flawless. According to him, it was really heartbreaking to see another woman doing such a terrible thing just for another woman to be worst and to be trampled on by so many people. He also admitted that Miss Flawless made a mistake, a lot of men made a mistake for watching several scandals, but he pointed out that it was men’s nature, and some other women were not expected to make those malicious videos spread like wildfire to damage another woman’s life.

He also added that it is alright to judge other people by the way you wanted it and the way you think about what he or she has done wrong. But he reminded all the bashers to keep in mind that every single person in this world also has their own right to express their own reactions and their own comments the way they wanted it to be.
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