Actress Donates Pre-Love Shoes , Netizens React


Every woman’s dream is to have her own shoe collection. We all know that almost every woman in our society nowadays tends to dress beautifully. Not just to impress other people but to feel confident about their own beauty and to inspire other people to feel beautiful as well. And in order for them to dress based on the occasion or based on their moods, they should have a variety of accessories, clothing, bags, and of course, shoes!

Some of us may think that shoes were not really that important when it comes to someone’s outfit but the truth is, it really completes the entire style of someone’s outfit. No wonder that rich women and even famous celebrities have a lot of shoes for them to wear on different occasions and gatherings and even during their taping and other shows.

It was just recently when Kapuso actress and comedienne Kiray Celis wanted to share and give away her pre-loved shoes for her social media followers. She is a self-proclaimed shoe lover and she just wanted other people to benefit from her pre-loved shoes. She shares it on her social media account and if anyone wants a pair of her shoes they just needed to direct message her. The generous and kind-hearted celebrity didn’t want all her shoes to go to waste and giving them to people who might need them more than she is the best option of her.

She had already given some of her shoes to her mother and other siblings but there was still a lot of them. That is why she decided to share it with her followers as well. Kiray has a lot of rubber shoes, boots, and heels as can be seen on her viral post. It was really a lot and can actually fill up a small room. There was this lucky netizen who commented on the actress’s post saying that her size is also the same as her size. She was not able to buy herself a new pair of shoes because she prioritizes her twins’ needs. Kiray responded on her comment asking for her address, name and contact number. There has been a lot of mothers who wanted to have a pair of her shoes and they are all hoping to be chosen as well.
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