Daniel Padilla Surprises His Girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo

Having a lot of people to support you and love you in this lifetime is one of the greatest things you can ever have. When those people express their love for you, if they are giving you time, understanding, and the love you deserve, you are indeed one of the luckiest people in the whole world! Not everyone are blessed to have a loving family and an understanding partner.

That is why Kathryn Bernardo has been one of the most trending topics in social media in the past few days. It is because she shared an amazing video on her YouTube channel just recently. On the said viral video, Kathryn shared how she prepared for the People Asia Awards 2020 which happened at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila. She is one of the event’s awardees because of her blockbuster film together with Kapuso star Alden Richards which earned more than P880.6 million!

Hello, Love, Goodbye is a romantic drama film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina and produced by Star Cinema. The story is about Joy Fabregas (Kathryn Bernardo), a struggling overseas Filipino worker, and Ethan Del Rosario (Alden Richards), a bartender, as they attempt to reconcile their personal careers and love for each other in Hong Kong. It was released on July 31, 2019, in the Philippines, and it became the highest-grossing Philippine film ever earning more than 800 million pesos!

After the said event, Kathryn went back to her house without even knowing that her family and her longtime celebrity boyfriend, Daniel Padilla was there preparing a surprise for her achievement. The 23-year-old actress was very surprised to know that her closes friends, her family, and her boyfriend were there to celebrate her success. She was actually teary-eyed and couldn’t even believe that they would do such an effort for her.

Netizens were very delighted to see Kathryn and Daniel as they were genuinely happy and very sweet to each other. Some of them actually commented “Sana all!”, hoping that they can also have a Daniel Padilla or a Kathryn Bernardo in their life. True enough that Kathryn is one of the luckiest people in the world for being a successful actress and businesswoman, having a great family and boyfriend as well. Congratulations Kathryn!
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