Maris Racal Reacts To COVID VIRUS Trends on Social Media

Now that COVID-19 already arrived in our beloved country, a lot of Filipino people are worried that their families will be greatly affected. According to the Department of Health (DOH), as of March 15, the COVID-19 cases in our country have already reached 140. There were already 12 people who lost their lives because of the said disease. The government implemented a “Community Quarantine” in Metro Manila but later on the entire island of Luzon was already subject to an “Enhanced Community Quarantine”.

Because of that, even the biggest companies and the biggest networks in the Philippines needed to stop their usual businesses for the safety of the public. Under the implementation of the “Enhanced Community Quarantine”, citizens are strictly advised to stay inside their respective homes alone. Even the mass transportation, land, air and sea travels are suspended and mass gatherings are prohibited. No wonder that a lot of people tend to complain about their ordeals but it is for the better good of everyone.

Amidst the frightening situations that are happening right now, Filipino people still remain to be hopeful that everything will be alright and tomorrow will be an amazing blessing that the terrible virus will finally vanish! Reports about people giving away foods and thank you notes to our courageous healthcare workers share a lot of inspiration to each and every one of us. Aside from those kinds and simple acts of kindness, some people share positivity and good vibes through social media.

Just like Kapamilya actress Mariz Racal who recently shared how mad she was to coronavirus and she even told it to stop already in her own dialect. A lot of netizens were amazed and it spread laughter to everyone. For all the Filipino people out there, don’t lose hope, just continue doing good to others, follow the implemented law by the government and pray to our Almighty God, and everything will soon be fine as always.
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