Mellisa Ricks "Balik Alindog"Earned Praises From Netizens

Women wanted to be the best version of themselves always. They find it more attractive and finds a lot of confidence in how they look and how people see them as well. It was really a great thing when people get fit because it is not only all about aesthetics but about their health as well. When a person is fit and active, he or she tends to be healthier and can avoid sickness as well.

He or she can also be very efficient and productive with his or her everyday life. No wonder that most people nowadays tend to be a lot more careful with what they eat and how they make themselves fit and healthy. Some can do running, home exercises, while others usually hit the gym. Just like this actress who recently shared online how she managed to change her XXL size to Large! Amazing isn’t?

This beautiful actress is no other than Melissa Ricks. Melissa Marie Ricks is professionally known in the show business industry as Melissa Ricks. She is a 30-year-old Filipino-American actress. She was a runner-up in the reality talent search Star Circle Quest on ABS-CBN. She is also the daughter of Kelly Ricks, the president and director of S&R Philippines, and Josie Ricks. She was away from the limelight from quite some time but she is now ready to have her most awaited come back. She recently shared her fitness journey with the public to share inspiration with other people.

According to her social media post, people may sometime forget how far they already are when it comes to their goals. She had felt that her progress was very slow but then she realized that even if it was slow, she still works hard to do it. She may also fall out of track but she would always try and try again. She also said that self-love can be tricky sometimes but it is really a struggle, a process, and a journey all at the same time.

She posts some of her photos from XXL, XL, and now she is already large in size! The result of her hard work was really very impressive. The actress also shared that it is also very important to eat nutritious food and to exercise to stay fit and healthy.
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