Veteran Actor John Regala Ask Coco Martin For Help

“People just come and go”, many of us would definitely agree that there are a lot of people who would enter our lives in the most unexpected ways and after that, they will just go away without even closing the doors they had opened. The same goes for some other celebrities who made their ways to be known in the show business industry but ended up losing the brightness of their stars.

It was a great thing that there are still some other celebrities who help their fellow actors in their most difficult situations in life. Coco Martin is one of those generous and helpful celebrities. He gives chances to those people who really need and who really deserve to be in the spotlight once again. But much more than that, the needy former celebrities will be having a decent job to earn a living as well.

This veteran actor seeks help from Coco Martin just like any other former celebrity in the show business industry. He asked the “Ang Probinsiyano” star to take a chance on him and to hire him in his longest-running television series which is already more than four years old. This actor is no other than John Regala, he is popularly known for portraying antagonist roles in Philippine movies and television series especially in the 90s.

He is sometimes unofficially tagged as a "Bad Boy" of Philippine action films along with fellow action stars like Robin Padilla, Jeric Raval and the late Ace Vergel with the two being more known for the said nickname. He is the son of former character actor Mel Francisco and former actress Ruby Regala.

According to some reports, the actor doesn’t look really well today and he seems to be sick because of his physical appearance. He also finds it hard to talk because of his current situation. His mother, Ruby Regala bids farewell  to the world last January 2020 and her remains were transported back here in the country because of the help of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Iglesia Ni Cristo due to some financial problems. He really struggles a lot financially and he actually becomes emotional in one of his recent interviews. John even asked help once again from Coco Martin, and from the two giant networks in the country, GMA and ABS-CBN network to give him some projects to help him with his life crisis now.

It can be remembered that he had already portrayed a role in “FPJ’s: Ang Probinsyano” in its first two years of airing with the help of Coco Martin. And now that he is experiencing a lot of struggles.  John Regala is still hoping for help and for generosity to take a chance on him and on his acting skills as well.
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