Woman Earned Online By Selling Dried Leaves

Online shopping has brought us a lot of conveniences nowadays. We need not go too far from the comfort of our own homes and we do not have to spend fares to go to grocery stores and shopping markets. We only have to our computers, phones, and other gadgets and with just one click you can already have the product you needed to be delivered at your doorstep.

There was this woman named Kerwin Anne Reyes who was featured in the GMA Public Affairs Program entitled “iJuander” as she sells sunbaked Talisay leaves catappa online. According to Reyes, she just woke up one day and there was a person asking her off she can get the fallen Talisay leaves in front of her house. She was very curious at that time about the person’s reason for collecting dried leaves of the Talisay tree. She then discovered that the dried leaves will be used for the aquarium. Because of what she learned she has done some research about the importance and the usage of the dried Talisay leaves.

She was surprised that there are actually some people who sell such products in some online sites and there are also customers buying those products. Before, those dried leaves were not so important to her and to her family but she realized that she can actually earn money out of it. She decided to sell Talisay leaves as well and a lot of people actually buys from her. According to her, fish breeders use dried Talisay leaves in growing their betta fish or Siamese fighting fish which costs Php80- Php3,000 each. It helps with the fertility and the wounds of these fish species.

Whenever there was a customer ordering from her she will just pick up from the fallen leaves outside their home and sunbaked it herself before she shipped the item to her buyer. Every 10 pieces of the sunbaked Talisay leaves cost P49. Their tree has been a great blessing for her because she had an instant and additional income even without capital. She said that she will continue selling her products as long as their tree is standing in front of their home.
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