Angel Locsin and Her Story About Her Mother Touches Hearts of Many Netizens

Entering show business industry was never easy. Aspiring stars should be hardworking and determined for them to achieve the fame and the success they really wanted. But fame and money also have a lot of consequences. One of them is the fact that when aspiring stars had already started in the business, they will never have to experience the so-called “privacy” just like any ordinary individual. Because they are already one of the famous personalities in front of the camera, they had already gained the public’s interests. A lot of people will definitely want to know every single detail about them even if it is good or the opposite one. The public talks about almost every single aspect in a celebrity’s life, it may be about their past and recent relationships or even their personal and family issues.

Just like the Kapamilya actress and the real-life Darna of many Filipinos, Angel Locsin. Although her life has been an open book to everyone, there are still some things that many people would want to know about this admirable actress. According to some reports, Angel has shared her biological mother’s personality in one of her interviews. She revealed that both of her parents have been separated when she was still a teenager. But despite such a situation, nothing had changed between the two of them.

Their family may not be perfect but they did not hide anything or fake anything just for the sake of the public’s approval or judgment. Even at an early age, Angel already understands and respects her parents’ decision to go on their separate lives but remain to be supportive and loving parents to each and every one of them. She also wanted the public to know that it is alright for her to be criticized by the people but she just not want her parents to be included in those kinds of issues and other negative speculations.

Angel touched the hearts of many people as she explained that she was the one who told her mother, Mommy Emma Colmenares not to work anymore because she wanted to support her even though she and her father are living under one roof. She also clarified that even though they have been separated for many years already, it doesn’t really mean that she would let her mother all by herself.
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