Artistahin Daughter of Isko, Meet Frances Diane Moreno

Fathers will always be protective of their daughters, no matter what! They would often treat them as their little princess even if their old enough. It seems that there is nothing in this world that could ever change that. Today, as many Filipinos get affected by the crisis we are all experiencing because of the pandemic, there have been some names that get the attention of the public. One of them is not just a politician but a loving father for his family and his constituents as well.

Manila City Mayor Francisco Moreno Domagoso received a lot of praise from the public not just in his own city but in many other cities in the country. He is one of the best mayors today as he was able to help and support his constituents to the best of his abilities. He even donated his own salary for them. And recently, leaders of the barangays in Manila had also returned the excess money for their “Social Amelioration Program”. He is indeed an impressive leader and father of his city.

But aside from that, he is also a great head of his family. The public could not help but admire the city mayor even more. He is happily married to Diana Lynn Ditan. They are blessed to have three adorable children. They have four sons and an only daughter. A lot of netizens could not help but had their eyes on this young and beautiful lady. Many of them silently ask themselves, what could be the feeling of Mayor Isko’s daughter towards her admirable, respectable, and impressive father?

Her name is Frances Diane and just like her father, she also has that “beautiful genes”. She also has that charm and charisma as you can see on her social media accounts. She is not just gorgeous and stunningly beautiful but she also has this unique taste when it comes to fashion.

As a matter of fact, a lot of netizens really wanted to see more of her and would hope that she can also enter show business industry just like her father who was a great actor before he becomes the Manila City Mayor. Mayor Isko is also very protective of her unica hija according to his interview in “Tonight With Boy Abunda”.
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