Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz's exchange of sweet messages on IG

Maybe you had also experience being happy for your friend who found his or her happiness with his or her special someone. Or maybe you are one of those people who wished them to have their happy ending after several years of dating. But there may come a time that not all our wishes can come true. Not everyone is destined to be with each other forever just because we are all hoping and praying for it. Just like one of our favorite love teams on-screen, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz.

Who can forget their blockbuster movie “One More Chance” back in 2007? They had portrayed the impressive roles of Basha and Popoy which were loved and admired by many Filipinos. Many of their fans actually hoped that Basha and Popoy could be a real-life couple but it didn’t really happen. As they have been considered as one of the most bankable artists in the entertainment industry, these admirable love team had made another blockbuster movie sequel after 8 years. The film “A Second Chance” was released in Philippine cinema way back in 2015. And their comeback has been a big hit once again.

After five long years, millions of their fans and supporters are still hoping that maybe they can give it a try to take their friendship to the next level. John Lloyd and Bea actually have a thing in common today, they are both single and they both came from the unsuccessful relationships from Ellen Adarna and Gerald Anderson, respectively. Their break-ups had been top of the news in the past few months and a lot of people had watched and read every news about it.

It was just recently when they have been making rounds on different social media platforms once again as Bea and John Lloyd exchange sweet messages towards each other. Although it was not clear whether their sweet exchange of message just happened accidentally or maybe the other way around. According to some reports, the award-winning actor liked and reacted in one of Bea’s old photos back in February 2019. Bea’s response to John Lloyd’s comments on her photos had elicited various reactions from the netizens. The actor told Bea that he just accidentally hit the button but his comments and reactions on her other posts really delighted a lot of their fans and supporters.
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