Derek Ramsey's New Look Trends Online During ECQ

It has already been a month since the implementation of “ECQ” in most cities and provinces in the country. It was indeed a hard time for many Filipinos as their normal life was changed into a very complicated and unsure one. Many people miss going out and enjoying their favorite foods from different fast-food chains and establishments.

But one of the best things that we learned from this crisis is that we should always make time for our family no matter how busy we are in our daily routines. As we are all still experiencing this situation, we are also expected to practice social distancing and stay at home policy. Some of the things we do inside our home are to bond with our family members, watch our favorite movie or television program, bake or cook our favorite food, and take care of our own health and body.

Just like what our favorite celebrities would often do inside their elegant homes. It was just recently when Derek Ramsay posted a video of himself on his social media account as he was enjoying the water in his indoor swimming pool. The hunk actor was flaunting his hair as he said that he can already have a shampoo commercial with his hair. He had also shared a recent photo of his face where it can be seen that his hair had grown full already while his beard and mustache were neatly shaved. Netizens could not help but admire him for his handsomeness.

A lot of his fans and supporters really envy Andrea Torres for having such a handsome and hunk boyfriend. As of this writing, there were no reports if Derek intended to grow his hair or it just happened as there were no available salons or barbershops at the moment to cut his hair. But whatever his reasons are, he really looks amazing with his new looks!

Derek Arthur Paggao Ramsay Jr., most commonly known by the stage name Derek Ramsay is a 43-year-old British-born Filipino model, actor, host, and former VJ. He is admired by the public not just because of his good looks and amazing physique but because of his impressive talents as well. He is currently in a relationship with the 29-year-old Kapuso actress, host, dancer, underwear designer, and commercial model Andrea Torres.

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