Dimples Romana Proud Mom To her Beautiful Daughter

Parents would always want the best for their children. They never wanted them to suffer or to experience a lot of difficulties in life. As much as possible, they wanted to give their children everything they want and all that they need. Parents would always love to treat their children as their babies no matter what their age is. It was no doubt that our country, Philippines, is known by many countries to have that closed-family trait among other countries around the globe. Just like any other parents, celebrity parents also wanted the best for their children. Just like one of the most famous celebrities today, Dimples Romana.

Dimples Romana has been in the show business industry for quite some time already but it was just recently when she was recognized by many individuals and even award-winning bodies because of her impressive talent skills. One of her best projects so far was the Kapamilya afternoon series, “Kadenang Ginto” together with Beauty Gonzales, Andrea Brillantes, and Francine Diaz. Dimples are Dianne Marie Romana Ahmee in real life. She is a 35-year-old Filipino actress and commercial endorser.

It was just recently when she amazed the public with how she supports the dreams of her two children, Callie and Alonzo. The amazing actress shared with everyone how she cherishes her family more than anything else. She was able to have an amazing trip to Finland with her family after her very hectic schedule in her many projects and commercial endorsements. But aside from having a great time with the family, she also wanted to have more time with her daughter Callie who would be leaving for Australia by next year to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot.

Dimples is a proud mom to her daughter Callie as she knows what she really wanted to pursue in life. Even though she was very anxious because her eldest would be leaving soon to have her own path, she still makes it a point to brace herself and become stronger each day. The Kapamilya actress describes her daughter as a loving and responsible child. She also walked down the memory lane remembering how her daughter tends to be a young woman with a good heart and a good mind. A lot of parents would definitely learn a lot from Dimples' parenting style.

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