Expensive Cars Owned By Manny Pacquiao . So Luxurious Car Collection

He is just a simple person who grew up in a poor family struggling with the food that they are going to eat each day. It was never an easy life for him at the beginning and even to his own family but he tried everything and worked really hard for him to achieve his dream and the success he really wanted in life. It is because of his amazing determination and his impressive skills which lead him to his success now.

Senator Manny Pacquiao is not just popular here in the Philippines but he is also known to many countries all over the world. He is a well-known legendary boxer but much more than that he is also known to have a strong faith and to help other people especially those unfortunate ones. He is dubbed as the “Fighter of the Decade” and the one and only “Pacman” and “Fighting Senator” of the country.

As he has gone so far in his life now, he was able to give his family and the people closed to him all the things they need and even their wants as well. He is one of the richest Filipino today, no wonder that he already has a lot of properties inside and outside the country. He also has a lot of businesses and a luxurious car collection as well.

Some of the most expensive cars he owns are the following: a Mitsubishi Pajero which has been his very first car, a Ferrari 458 Italia which is one of the most in-demand cars to famous celebrities like Justin Bieber. Senator Manny also has a Lincoln Navigator which is actually one of the most expensive cars of SUV, he would often use this during his training.

True enough that if you would really work hard for the things you have ever wanted and you will be determined to pursue your dreams, nothing will be impossible! That is why as early as now, we would always practice discipline and hard work if we really wanted to achieve such success in life. As many other successful people would say that success will never happen overnight, you should really work on it.
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