Food Delivery Rider Slips on his Motorcycle Due to Heavy Rain

It was never easy to earn a living especially when the situation requires you not to go outside of your respective homes despite all the things happening around you. When someone earns a living, he will be able to support and feed his family. For many individuals, earning a living is very important, much more important even from your own self.

It was just recently when this FoodPanda rider captured the hearts of many netizens. There was this guy who was living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. He was the one who shared some photos of this hardworking food delivery guy who accidentally slip on the street due to the heaven rain.

 When his motorcycle was lying on the floor and he eventually pulled himself together after what happened, he immediately checks the food that he was about to deliver if it was still okay. He wanted to make sure that nothing bad happened to his deliveries. He even prioritizes it before picking up his phone soaked wet in the rain and even before he checks his own self for any injuries.

It was really a heartbreaking scene to witness. Even though their job was really hard especially because of the crisis we are all facing right now. Maybe we can be a little bit more patient when it comes to our hardworking delivery riders because their job was never easy going out in their respective homes just to work and deliver our goods. Especially when the scorching heat of the sun penetrates deeply in their skin as they work, even if they are all geared up during a rainy season, it is still very hard to drive and they will soon be soaking wet after some times.

During this time, we can all appreciate the people who are sacrificing a lot not just to earn a living but to somehow lessen the burdens that we are all experiencing right now. We should all be grateful and patient for them. Because of them, we can still taste and enjoy the food that we are all craving for amidst our situation right now.

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  1. Ganyan magtrabaho ang pilipino, kapakanan ng iba ang inuuna bago ang sarili, thumbs up sir...