Liza Soberano Partner Before Enrique Gil Trends Online

LizQuen or the popular Kapamilya loveteam of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil is dearly admired by many Filipinos. Not just because of their undeniable chemistry in front of the camera but because of their impressive talents and admirable personalities as well. Liza is also a kind of woman who is actually simple and conservative yet she is with great elegance and a good, kind heart. As Liza has been partnered to her real-life boyfriend, Enrique Gil for many years already, many people might have been wondering about some other boys who had the great opportunity to be with such beautiful and very talented actress.

Recently, some photos of Liza and this young man immediately surfaced online. According to a netizen named Gabriel Linatoc, even before “LizQuen” becomes famous there has been the love team of “LiCe”. Although the handsome young man’s name was not included on the viral post, there was a comment saying that his name is Rence Dwyer. He is also charming just like Enrique Gil.

A lot of netizens noticed that Rence and Liza looked great together back in their high school days. Liza seems to be very popular with her school mates. Some netizens commented that the guy in the photo is indeed a lucky young man for having the chance to be with one of the most bankable actresses of the Kapamilya network today. It may seem like a great opportunity but the honor and pride that comes with such experience is really unforgettable. That is why even if it has already been several years ago, Liza and Rence would still smile as they walk down the memory lane.

According to these viral photos posted online, Liza seems to be very active when it comes to their extra-curricular activities. There was a photo where Liza is wearing a huge and beautiful gown while some other photos of Liza show that she is doing some make-up with her other classmates. She is maybe one of the most friendly and helpful students in their class. Despite her being so young in the photos, her beauty still radiates and stuns many people. Those photos proved that Liza was born stunningly gorgeous and beautiful!
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