Nancy Jewel Mcdonie Of Momoland Does the Jojowain or Totropahin Challenge

Women tend to have different perceptions when it comes to their ideal type of guy and their guy best friend. Some wanted to have that kind-hearted, loving, and understanding boyfriend while most women probably like their guy best friend to be available when they needed someone to talk to or just to comfort them when there was no one for them. It was just recently when Nancy McDonie shared some of the good qualities she would want her ideal boyfriend and guy best friend to have.

She even chooses among some handsome Kapamilya actors if any of them can pass her qualifications between a boyfriend and a best friend. For Nancy, she would want her soon-to-be boyfriend to possess a beautiful smile, to be cute and funny. While her ideal best friend is probably someone she can really trust and is comfortably talk to.

On the said viral video, Nancy needed to identify if the photo of the Kapamilya actor can be a boyfriend material or just a best friend material for her. She will swipe to the right if the guy is “To Boyfriend” and she will swipe it to the left when it is “To Best Friend”. First on the list was Joshua Garcia whom she identified as a “best friend” material for her. She also described him as a sweet and kind person. IƱigo Pascual is a “boyfriend material” for Nancy. For the South Korean singer, he is very attractive and he also has that thick eyebrows and nice hair.

McCoy De Leon is a “best friend material” for her. He also looks sweet and nice according to her. On the other hand, Jameson Blake is a “boyfriend material” for her while Tony Labrusca looks scary for her but she clarified that maybe it was just because of his photo and she didn’t have to mention if he is a boyfriend or best friend material. Meanwhile, Nancy described Donny Pangilinan as a sweet person and classified him as a “boyfriend material” as well. Khalil Ramos and Edward Barber look like a best friend for this beautiful singer. But she commented that the latter really looks like one of her best friends back home because they have a lot of similarities.

Nancy Mcdonie is a 19-year-old Korean-American singer from South Korea. She is famous for being a part of the K-pop girl group Momoland of MLD Entertainment. She will also be appearing on ABS-CBN's “Soulmate” opposite her leading man, James Reid.
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