From Batang-X Star to A Wonderful Super Mom.

Many people say that show business career is never permanent. When you dream of becoming a successful celebrity someday, you should be determined, passionate, and hard-working. It is not an overnight dream where you can easily achieve everything in just a night. Many successful celebrities today would definitely say that they needed to give up some things just to be where they are now. Some of them give up their dream of finishing their college degree just to continue working in the industry.

There are also some of them who chose to set aside their plan on getting married or having their own family because they needed to focus on craft. But this star decided to leave show business to enjoy a simple and private career.  She is no other than the Anna Larrucea. She is now happily married to her husband Robert Pangilinan and they are blessed to have a son.

According to some reports, they celebrated their marriage in 2013. Ever since then, Anna became a very supportive wife and hands-on mother. Many people nowadays may be curious about her successful career before as it has already been so many years since we saw her on-screen. Aside from being one of the casts of the movie Magic Temple in 1996, she was also a part of the “Ang TV show” which is a popular afternoon show back in the ‘90s. She has also been part of many movies.

Her admirable beauty, and charm, as well as her innocent-looking face, captivated a lot of hearts. She may be a successful star during her days but she grew up to be a beautiful and amazing woman now. She may be away from show business for quite some time already. Her fans miss her so much but they are also very happy to know that she is happily living with her wonderful family. She also looks contented and very happy with all the photos online about her.

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