Alden Richard And Famous Girl Gamer Are The Newest Online Love Team

Who can ever forget the phenomenal couple in the show business industry, AlDub love team? Alden (Alden Richards) and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) captured the hearts of many Filipino people because of their amazing chemistry on-screen. They are interacting through a split-screen television. The primary means of dialogue between them are the use of audio samples of popular media and handwritten messages shown on screen. They are indeed one of the most successful and the most admired love team in Philippine history.

No wonder that they are given a lot of opportunities when it comes to television series, movies, guesting, endorsements, and a lot more. AlDub had brought a lot of kilig moments to every Filipino household. They are recognized worldwide and received a lot of awards as well. But unfortunately, the love team came to an end as Maine decided to be true to herself as she shared her honest opinion about her relationship with Alden. Although they decided to pursue separate ways, they still remained friends and the beautiful memories we have about them will forever be in our hearts

It was just recently when Alden’s name surfaced in different social media platforms once again. It is because of his exchange of sweet messages with the beautiful and gorgeous streamer known as “Biancake”. Bianca Yao is famous to her followers as Slice of Bian Cake on Twitter. Alden sent “143” stars to Bianca as a sign of support to a local streamer like her. Bianca was distracted on the live gaming stream as other people started to tease them.

She clarified the day after that there is nothing romantic going on between them, she even told everyone not to put any malice about it as Alden just wanted to support and help out local streamers like her. There are a lot of negative comments from the netizens but there are still some who expressed their support between the two. Besides, Bianca and Alden are both single and there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. Maybe the right time will come for both of them and when things are bound to happen, they will just happen the way they should be.
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  1. You're both compatible each other as a newly love team in this generation. I now Alden and Bianca have it's remarkable as Maine did during last few years. If that will happen I know a lot of their amid fans have enjoy with them as a new live team.