Bojo Molina Where Are You Now? And Why Did You Leave Showbiz ?

Many people dream of becoming a celebrity or actor. Maybe because they think that being a celebrity will give them a lot of earnings. such an industry where you can just be yourself and do your passion when it comes to acting, singing, and dancing. Aside from fame and money, there are also a lot of privileges. You can endorse a lot of famous brands and get paid by the company. You can also have your very own business which you can endorse by yourself since you are already popular with the public.

But unfortunately, there are also a lot of things you will also need to accomplished first when you really wanted to become a renowned celebrity. One of those is giving up your privacy. Once you become a celebrity, you are already a public figure and everything you do and say can be used for your benefit or maybe the other way around. You will never have the privacy you enjoyed before when you are not yet known by the public.

Some other celebrities also confessed that they had to set aside their dream of finishing their studies because it will be very hard for them to juggle their studies and their career. Some of us may still remember Bojo Molina or Ubaldo Molina Punongbayan, Jr. He is one of the famous celebrities before who left show business to live a peaceful and comfortable life. Not so many people knew that Rica Peralejo was his ex-girlfriend. Some of his popular projects before were Hey Babe! (1999), Radyo (2001) and Flames: The Movie (1997).

According to some reports, Bojo enjoyed her non-showbiz career together with his non-showbiz wife and their two "anak". He left show business for good and he is now living abroad. He is married to Johansen Kwe who was the real reason why he left the fame of the show business industry. As a couple, they wanted to live as simple and ordinary individuals and he doesn’t really want to drag his family in the chaotic world he had lived before.

Although they are now living in Guam, he still has his social media account where his fans can still be updated about his new life now. He is working for the Red Dragon Production by the Sorensen Media group. He is such an admirable man who put his family first more than anything else.
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