Coco Martin Not Happy About ABSCBN Shutdown

One of the most trending topics on social media today is the closure of the Kapamilya network or the ABS-CBN Station. A lot of netizens were saddened by the news because the network, as well as its programs, had been part of our lives ever since.

But aside from the fact that we grew up watching a lot of ABS-CBN shows and admiring a lot of their talented artists, it has been very heartbreaking news for all of their 11,000 employees on and off cam who will greatly be affected by the said closure. Because of this, even the most famous and renowned actors and actresses in the show business industry shared their honest opinions regarding the issue.

One of them is the Kapamilya actor/director and “FPJ’s: Ang Probinsiyano” star Coco Martin who expressed his disappointment about the network’s shutdown. According to Coco’s Instagram post, he wanted to express what he is really feeling about the situation as he never knew if he can still survive after this pandemic. He told the people behind the ABS-CBN closure that maybe they are already comforted and satisfied by the fact that their hearts’ desires had already been granted.

The actor doesn’t want to remain silent about what is happening on his home network because he was very anxious about the people especially the employees of the network who will be left jobless because of the situation. They still need to support and feed their families but they are deprived of such a thing. He even added that our country will never be successful if there are kinds of people who wanted other innocent people to suffer just because they wanted to get what they want.

 Coco described such action as a wrong move and a great injustice to people.  He even mentioned Solicitor General Joe Calida and the National Telecommunications Commission for doing such a great thing for many Filipino people.

A lot of netizens also shared their sympathy not just to the network, to the artists but to all of the network’s employees who are surely disappointed and heartbroken because of what happened.
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