Famous Vlogger Ivana Alawi "Inireklamo " Kay Raffy Tulfo

Raffy Tulfo is known for being a strict, fair, and generous person. He would often help unfortunate and needy people in his popular program. He has been a famous broadcaster for several years already and he already gained a lot of supporters and followers online. It was just recently when Idol Raffy pranked another famous celebrity, Ivana Alawi. She is one of the most popular YouTubers, actresses, and models today.

On the said prank, Idol Raffy’s accomplices are some of his staff Loida, Odette, Sharee, Atty. Garreth, Ivana’s sister Mona Alawi, and Ivana’s mother Fatima Marbella. Loida was the complainant and she complained about the expired food reliefs which Ivana had donated to her cousin where she got the food. Loida wanted to sue Ivana as well as the manufacturers of the rice and canned goods she had eaten which caused her stomachaches and diarrhea for more than two days already.

Ivana couldn’t help but get emotional as she heard a lot of things from Loida. According to the Kapamilya actress, she just wanted to help other people especially in this kind of situation that we are all facing right now. She didn’t have any bad intentions to anyone. As a matter of fact, Ivana revealed that she had spent a total of P800,000 on the relief packs she had given to people. She was also very sure that she bought quality products from trusted manufacturers.

But in spite of all the things Ivana had experienced all throughout the prank, a lot of people admired her so much for being so genuine and true to herself. She doesn’t seem to spend money when it comes to helping deserving people. But she is also a very loving daughter and sister to her family.

She may have a gorgeous body and stunning beauty but more than that, she also has a great heart full of love for her family and for other people as well. No wonder that Ivana is greatly admired and loved by a lot of Filipino people out there, not only men but a lot of women as well. She is definitely someone to be admired!
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