Former Actress Shares Her Luxurious Car Collections

We have different dreams of our own and we all wanted to fulfill all of them somehow in the future. Ever since we are just a little kid, we already have that dream in our hearts to succeed, help our families, and to settle down as well. But aside from those kinds of dreams, we also wanted to experience some material things in life. Many of us would surely want to buy a house and lot, a car, and to put up his or her own business someday. It can all be possible when you work really hard to achieve all your goals in life.

But there are actually some people who are blessed enough to have a lot of properties, businesses, and even a collection of the most luxurious cars you can ever imagine. Just like the famous celebrity, Assunta De Rossi and her husband Jules Ledesma who owns an amazing collection of expensive cars. Assunta shared some photos online of their expensive car keys which amaze a lot of netizens.

It was back on April 30, Thursday when Assunta shared the said photo on her Instagram account. She captioned it with “Hay nako, useless kayo these days. Pa-fresh na muna.” Her sister, actress Alessandra De Rossi hilariously commented on her post saying that they should have used their expensive cars on raffle draws and she could definitely buy a hut on the beach. Their mother also commented on the post saying that the couple is really rich!

Assunta and Jules’ car collections are Rolls Royce Wraith and a Rolls Royce Dawn. According to some websites, each of the cars has an estimated amount of P25 million pesos! They also have three Bentley cars, a Maserati, a Porsche, an Audi, and a 2005 Ferrari Superamerica.

But even though they already have a lot of luxury cars, Assunta revealed that she still has a dream car that she really wanted to have but she cannot own. Assunta revealed in an interview that her dream car is a 1990s Nissan Altima which actually has something that makes her heart stop. But unfortunately, they didn’t manufacture such cars anymore.
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