Ivana Alawi's Ipis Prank Trends Worldwide

Just like any other Filipinos, celebrities also have some misunderstandings between their family members. As a matter of fact, it was just recently when Ivana Alawi, a famous YouTuber, actress, and model went viral again on different social media platforms for sharing her recent vlog which features her revenge with her siblings, Mona and Hashim. Ivana’s family made a prank for her as they ignored her which resulted in her being emotional and cry so much afterward.

Her recent viral video entitled “Ipis Prank” already gained 3.3 million views as of this writing. Netizens could not help but laugh as they witnessed how surprised Ivana’s siblings are with her prank. Mona and Hashim both hate cockroaches that is why Ivana ended up buying 500 pieces of fake cockroaches just to put all over their bed.

Although there has been a lot of positive comments about Ivana’s recent video. Some netizens were anxious that other people might end up doing the same to other people which may cause other people to feel very uncomfortable and very much terrified. That is why they suggested that it should not be done to young children just for fun or prank.

People should always be more sensitive and considerate of other people’s feelings. Somethings may be funny to us but it wasn’t the same for others. We should always be careful especially when the young people look upon us as their great example.

Maybe Ivana doesn’t really have the intention to hurt other people’s feelings with her prank but maybe she just wanted to share some laughter and good vibes to everyone amidst the situation we are all facing right now.

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