PBB Housemate YamYam Introduces Loving and Simple Girlfriend

Meet the non-showbiz girlfriend of Ultimate Big Winner Yamyam Gucong which has been his inspiration in achieving his dreams! Many people say that in every successful man, there is a woman behind. Many of us will surely agree about it. There has been a lot of people who actually witness how a woman becomes a man’s inspiration which leads him to success in the long run. Just like the PBB Otso Ultimate Big Winner Yamyam Gucong.

William "Yamyam" Gucong, is a 26-year-old Filipino actor and comedian in the Philippines. He is popularly known by the public for winning the Philippine reality television series, Pinoy Big Brother: Otso back in 2019. The public admired and loved him for being so genuine inside PBB’s house and how he managed to inspire other people with his hard work and his unconditional love for his family.

Yamyam is blessed to have a loving and very supportive family. He also has his longtime girlfriend, Ellaine ever since he entered the PBB house. Although there are many of us who didn’t really know about it, some of us are still surprised that he is happily in love with his special someone.

According to some reports, Yamyam and Ellaine met at an evacuation center .. It is where they exchange their cellphone numbers and where their friendship started. When they finally become an official couple, they didn’t tell Ellaine’s family for quite some time since  her father is a school principal and is very strict as well.

But when the right time came, Yamyam and Ellaine decided to tell her parents, and because Yamyam is a kind and genuine person they didn’t find it hard to accept him to their family. Ellaine’s family saw how Yamyam works hard and how he dearly loves his family as well as their daughter. No wonder that he achieved a lot of success in life after all the things he had been through.

Yamyam is indeed a great inspiration to many other individuals especially to the young generation as well that you can achieve your dreams even it was very hard and impossible at first. You just have to believe in yourself, do your part, and let your family and loved ones be your strength and inspiration.
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