Pre, Kamusta? Goes Wrong Trends in Social Media

Many people say that if you really wanted to know the real character of a person, you can test them with the use of money. Most of the old people we know will really have to say that friendships can really be tested through money. When money is on the line, you will definitely know the true color of a person. Just like what happened to Ikade Abadiano which experienced a very unlikeable situation because of his “friend” who just wanted to ask money from him but eventually gets mad when he didn’t lend him the money he wanted to borrow.

Just like many netizens who experienced such a frustrating scenario dealing with their friends who will just message them because they needed something from them, money to be specific. Ikade shared on social media his conversation with his friend “Ray” who had greeted him “Pre Kamusta” out of the blue. Ray even greeted his "Anak" and asked him if he wanted him to be one of the "ninong' Ikade was surprised but he agreed on what his friend had said.

After some time, Ray messages him if he can borrow P7,000 from him because he wanted to treat his girlfriend but he doesn’t have money. Ikade told his friend that he can only lend him P1,000 because he doesn’t have extra money. Ray insisted to borrow P5,000 but Ikade can’t really lend him that much.

A lot of netizens could not help but sympathize with Ikade. It has been a great lesson for many Filipinos to never be confident with the people around you. You will never know the people’s true color unless they asked money from you and you will not be able to lend them the money they wanted from you.
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