Real Attitude of Cong Velasquez of Cong TV Revealed

Social media has been with greater use today to many people all over the world. It can usually be a way of communication, business, and a lot more things. Unfortunately, social media also has some bad effects. One of those is being independent on social media itself and we cannot really imagine ourselves living a day without checking on our social media.

There were also a lot of bad things happening in our community because of that. Pranks have been one of the most trending topics online. There are a lot of good pranks but there are also a lot of bad pranks. But it was just recently when this vlogger’s pranks made many people laugh despite our current situation.

The viral video of this promising YouTuber named Robert Jaworski Salonga already gained more than 1.7 million views as of this writing where he pranks the greatest prankster in the country, Cong TV. Jawo Motovlog has been known by some netizens because of its nice and amazing contents which are all about pranking other people in a good and positive way.

Salonga revealed that he had already pranked other famous YouTubers other than Cong TV but he just felt really amazing as he succeeded in pranking his ultimate idol. Cong is very flattered to know that he inspired Salonga to be a vlogger aside from working as a Grab Food Rider.

Salonga felt so nervous as he started with his prank to Cong. But as he continues in doing so, he discovered that he is really an amazing guy. When he said that he has not eaten yet, Cong even asked him to go inside the house to eat some. The famous vlogger would actually give him P2,000 even though the doughnuts he delivered only costs P674! What makes it much surprising is that Cong requested his friend to turn off the camera as he was giving the said amount of money to Salonga. Cong on the other hand looks very upset and mad as he requested everyone not to prank the poor delivery riders especially now that we are experiencing a very challenging crisis.
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