Sarah Geronimo's Sudden Weight Loss After Wedding

There has been a lot of news all over social media in the last few days. Many of those were not really a piece of good news to everyone as we are still in this kind of situation for more than a month now, however, there was still some news that can be considered as the good ones.

Of course, show business industry will always have something to offer when it comes to the most controversial and hottest news today. There will always be something to talk about when it comes to the most famous stars in the entertainment industry. Just like the private wedding of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli which has already been more than two months already.

The entire nation was greatly surprised as the longtime celebrity couple decided to have an intimate and simple wedding rather than a grand and luxurious celebration for their special day. It has been top of the headlines because of the alleged disagreement of Sarah’s family especially Mommy Divine at their wedding. Although the Kapamilya actress and singer are already at the right age to settle down and have her own family, her mother still doesn’t want her to marry Matteo.

According to some reports, Sarah’s mother was the one handling all of her finances ever since she started in the show business industry. Many people speculated that maybe it was the reason why Mommy Divine didn’t really want Sarah to settle down. Because once she is already married, her husband will be having the right to everything Sarah has, even with her finances and other properties.
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  1. There is always an open door for everyone...

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