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Even until today, Angel Locsin is indeed one of the most beautiful faces in the Philippine show business industry. She is not only beautiful on the outside but even inside. The public saw how she was able to help a lot of Filipino . (Photos courtesy of Frederick Calucin Viaje)

No other famous celebrity did such an amazing act of kindness and generosity to many people in need. It was also evident that she really didn’t want people to know about her good deeds but there were still some people who still took pictures and post it on different social media platforms.

Recently, the award-winning actress made rounds on different social media platforms once again. It is not about her helping other people or photos of her going personally to check what else she can do for those people in need but it is about how she was supported by many Filipino people despite her gaining a lot of weight now.

On her viral photos, she was wearing a dark green shirt and black pants, it was also obvious that she gained a lot of weight. But despite that, there have been a lot of netizens who had shared their admiration towards the actress for being an amazing definition of genuine and priceless beauty. In the society that we are all living right now, most of us tend to judge other people by their looks, skin color, social status, weight, and a lot more things.

But with our “Darna sa totoong buhay" she seems to inspire so many people, especially women who are also experiencing the same situation she has now when it comes to health issues. She also said in an interview that she takes care of her body and the public should not worry about her.

Angel also clarified that she is actually healthy despite her weight gain. As a matter of fact, there are some people who are skinny but are sick because of their unhealthy lifestyle. True enough that we should never judge someone just because of their physical appearance but rather let’s always try to find good and positive things to people.

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