Behind The Scene of Kim Chiu's Bawal Lumbas

Social media is everywhere. In just one click, you can learn something new, discover a lot of things, communicate with your loved ones, or just simply greet a friend. But unfortunately, the negative effect of it was that people can easily judge and say a lot of negative things to other people.

Just like what Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu had experienced recently. She received a lot of hurtful words and judgments from  netizens just because of her speaking her own opinion and about the closure of their network.

Many people would agree that her explanations on her viral video were really confusing but when you listen with all your heart, you can also get what she means to say. But because there has been a lot of mean people in our society, what more can we expect? On Kim’s side being a famous celebrity having a lot of fame and success, it was really a very difficult struggle for her.

But despite that, she tried to be positive, to be strong enough for all the people who love and support her. Her elder sister, Kam Chiu, recently shared a behind the scene video of the “Chinita Princess” as she sings her newest song which started everything.

On the said post, Kam Chiu or Lakambini Chiu described her younger sister as a “superwoman”. She revealed that Kim is really a jolly and happy person but when this thing happened, it had really hit her. It can be seen that Kim tried to finish singing the song but the words and phrases would really make her emotional.

But she remained strong, and even stronger despite all the hurtful comments of people and all their unfair judgments. People may criticize her but she returned kindness and generosity more than anything else.
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