Daryl Ong , Bugoy Drilon Banned On All ABSCBN Shows

It was just recently when rumors about Kapamilya artists Bugoy Drilon and Daryl Ong surfaced on different social media platforms. According to some reports, the two celebrities are already banned and no longer allowed to perform or have an appearance to any of the network’s shows or programs.

Daryl Ong explained their side by stating what really happened about the said issue. According to him, he and Bugoy Drilon would have a show in Iloilo that day and he met him at the airport together with a woman who also works in the network and another man. Bugoy and Daryl had talked about stocks investment at that time when this woman working in the network jokingly said that they should have invested in ABS-CBN stocks since the company was in a not so good situation right.

Little did they know that there was this man who actually recorded their conversation and he also happened to be a close friend of one of the company’s big boss. Right after their Iloilo show when they were already having their dinner, their road manager contacted them informing them that there was someone who sent a voice recording of their conversation to their big bosses and it turned out that they do not have any concerns for their home network.

 When they finally arrived in Manila, Daryl had a meeting with his manager where he was informed that they were already banned on all the Kapamilya shows and programs. Daryl also clarified that during that time they were given a chance to promote in ”Eat Bulaga!” and that they didn’t really transfer from ABS-CBN to its rival network.
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