Do You Still Remember Julia Clarete ? Ito na Sya Ngayon

Julia Clarete or Edda Giselle Rosetta Nuñez Clarette, one of the most admired co-hosts of the longest actively running noontime television show in the country, “Eat Bulaga!” She is also a singer, actress, television host, and performer. Unfortunately, she decided to leave the show business industry for good five years ago.

She recently shared the real reason why she decided to left everything behind. Even before she and her 13-year-old son Sebastian migrated in Malaysia, She left the country and decided to live in Malaysia where her husband works.

On June 7, she had a chance to talk to Toni Gonzaga for the Sunday episode of “I Feel U” and she had shared that it was not really easy to leave the craft she loves the most and lives in a foreign country. But what made her strong were her prayers. She constantly prays because she wanted to have peace of mind and she had also asked for guidance from the Lord.

The real reason why she wanted abroad is that she really wanted to do something new. That was when she discovered that working in a different country together with her husband Gareth McGeowan and Sebastian makes her a different person. The former host revealed that it was really fun living in another country. She felt really different but in a good way because when she had her son before, she was already a celebrity and when they migrated to Malaysia her son told her that she is just his mom and not a famous celebrity anymore.
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