Enchong Dee Big Bro, Where Is AJ Dee After Quitting Showbiz ?

Enchong Dee is one of the most popular actors of his generation. Aside from his admirable talents and impressive acting skills, he also has that good looks which make a lot of Filipino women admire her so much. His older brother AJ Dee also captured the hearts of the public because of his amazing acting performances. Many people definitely admire him being a hunk actor before.

But unfortunately, he is not active in the show business industry nowadays. His last project was the GMA hit TV series “Amaya” top-billed by Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera. After that, he finally decided to leave show business for good.

Unlike any other actors who lost everything after leaving show business, AJ revealed that it was actually his own decision to leave the industry for good after several years of performing. He had an interview with PEP.ph last 2015 for the press conference of “Chicken Pork Adobo” which is a multi-channel network launched by ABS-CBN Digital Media Division.

It is where he revealed that he chose that decision because of his Norwegian wife Olga and their two kids, Maxiumus James and Alexandros Jaden. His family lives in Norway and he really wanted to live with them too.  His supportive wife allowed him to finish his projects and after that, he will then live with them in Norway.

AJ didn’t really like being away from his family  who are really growing so fast. Being a father, he would want to be there for his family especially during the important moments. He also wanted to be with them during special occasions.

Even though he really loves acting, he shared that he can give it up for his family. That was really a great and amazing thing from a popular celebrity who becomes a loving husband and father to his family. True enough that not so many people would have to choose their family more than fame and success. But this former actor is one of those great men who can do anything for their beloved families.
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