Famous Actress Reacts To DJ looonyo Statement “Bobo”

There is no doubt that Social Media influencers plays a big part in today’s generation. Ivana Alawi is one perfect example of this. Her Youtube account already have millions and millions of followers. Many fans are watching her Youtube videos every day. Not to mention, more than 60 percent of her followers are males. Ivana Alawi is considered Pinoy’s Youtube crowd darling. Her male counterpart, is DJ loonyo. Netizens said that if males have Ivana, females do have DJ loonyo.

DJ loonyo is a dancer, a choreographer, a social media influencer and a professional disk jockey. He is one of the few famous personality who have more than 1 million followers in Facebook. The 23-year-old Fil- Chinese dancer is love and adore by many netizens until Dj loonyo made a statement regarding Mass Testing.

“Kada video ni Dj Loonyo dati kinikilig ako kapag pinapanuod ko, ngayon hindi na. Natatawa na lang ako”  said by one netizen in her comment.

Later, Dj loonyo apologized to the wrong use if terminologies. “First off, I apologize for the wrong use of terminology in that particular instances, My point is CMT, I was actually referring to Clinical Trials. I understand that the use of terminilog is critical, so I apologize for any confusion caused.” Said by DJ Loonyo in his statement.

Now, a video of DJ loonyo is going viral once again in social media. This time the famous dancer is talking about how wearing a mask can badly affect the health. This sparks another discussion all over social media. TV personalities such as Lauren Young joined the discussion and reacted to DJ Loonyo’s statement.

Lauren Anne Young simply known as Lauren Young , the 26-year-old Filipina-American actress is the youngest sister of  former Miss World 2013 Meagan Young
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