Foreigner Felt Love At First Sight To A "Taong Grasa " Trends Online

Love conquers all! Three simple words for many of us but with a lot of meanings. Love is just a simple term for some people but this word is very powerful. Recently, a video of this Chinese woman  went viral online. According to the video shared by the Facebook page “Kabiyak”, a Chinese woman never wanted to leave a homeless man beside her even if there are a lot of people convincing her to go  It seems that the foreign woman is deeply in love with the street dweller man.

They are trying to get her and to convince her to go inside thecar but the Chinese woman keeps on refusing and she even holds unto the arms of the homeless man beside him. Netizens assumed that the Chinese woman never really wanted to leave the man on the video and just wanted to stay by his side always.

After a few moments of discussion and convincing the Chinese woman, there was this other lady who instructed the man to stand up and to ride inside the patrol car of “ParaƱaque” and to all the people’s amazement, the Chinese woman went along with the homeless man as he rides the car!  There were even some people shouting that this guy is a lucky guy as a foreign lady fell in love with her despite having nothing at all.

Until now, there is still no confirmation about the Chinese woman and the homeless man’s identity and how they ended up being together in the street. It was not safe to be outside especially if you are a woman that is why the rescue team tried so hard to convince the foreigner to go in a safer place.

This viral video touched the hearts of many Filipinos who also dream of having someone who loves them dearly and who never wanted to leave them no matter what happens! But of course, there are also some people who were anxious because of the woman and the man’s situation, physically and mentally.
Foreigner Felt Love At First Sight To A "Taong Grasa " Trends Online Foreigner Felt Love At First Sight To A  "Taong Grasa " Trends Online Reviewed by Boom on 3:00 AM Rating: 5

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