Liza Soberano Male Version Transformation Trends in Social Media

There is no doubt that in today’s generation of Filipina Actresses, the one of the few names that stands out in terms of beauty and charm is none other Liza Soberano. The beauty of the Kapamilya Actress is recognized and appreciated not just locally but also internationally. Many people believed and still hoping that one day Liza Soberano will join beauty pageant and represent the Philippines as the Miss Universe in the future.

But, have you ever wonder what would have been the looks of the beautiful kapamilya Liza Soberano when she is a guy? Will she look like her father or her brother? Will she look more handsome than her love team Enrique Gil? Or will she have the look of an ultimate dream boy? This questions remained unanswered until the this app was invented.

Thanks to this App, we now have a clearer picture of how ourselves or even how our favorite celebrities may look in their opposite gender.

Trending now in social media is a series of photos of Liza Soberano’s male version. Despite the fact that this is just edited via software, Many netizens were amazed how Handsome Liza Soberano can be. “Parang prinsipe sa kagwapuhan, Parang mas gwapo pa sya kay Enrique Gil” Said one of the netizen who saw the photos. (She looks like a prince, she looks more handsome than Enrique) “Maging ba bae or maging lalake, artistahin pa rin talaga si Liza” The netizen added. (No matter What gender,  Definitely, Liza looks like a star)

It is good to have this kind of Application our phone. However, we suggest that we should be extra careful in using these kinds of Applications because we don’t know what will happen in the future. We should apply the “think before we click” principle in using this kind of applications.
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