LUV U Actress Now A Doctor

We admire a lot of celebrities today not just because of their impressive talents and beautiful physique but because of their personality. Some of these amazing celebrities stayed in the show business industry while others choose another path. Just like Angeli Gonzales who was one of the most in-demand  actresses of her generation.

Angeli real name is Kaye Angeli H. Gonzales. She was just 7 years old when she was given the opportunity in the noontime show “Magandang Tanghali Bayan” to portray as young Kristine Hermosa’s character. She won the title “Munting Ms.” She also had the amazing opportunity to work with the late Comedy King Dolphy in the comedy film “Home Along Da Riles”.

She also starred in some Kapamilya shows including “May Bukas Pa”, “Batang X: The Next Generation” and “Wansapanataym”. She was also paired up with star CJ Navato in the  series “LUV U” together with other  artists like Miles Ocampo and Alexa Ilacad.

She may experience fame and success in the show business industry but she still chooses to follow her dream . She had taken up a medical course at Dela Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. After finishing her studies, she is now a doctor.

According to the former  star, she decided to be a doctor to take good care of her parents in the future. She was also very grateful that she was able to pursue her dream and maybe she can be an inspiration to a lot more people who wanted to achieve their dreams as well.

She may be away from the show business industry but she is very happy with the path that she is taking now. Truly a great example to other young people of her generation to continue working hard for their dreams because there will be no one to work hard for all of their dreams but their own selves. They just have to be determined, persevere, and really work hard for it and everything will just fall into their proper places and everything you deserve will definitely be yours at the most perfect time.
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