Maybeline Dela Cruz of Home Alone The Riles Where Are You Now ?

There has been a lot of celebrities before who left show business for good after experiencing fame and success. There are some of them who wanted to try a different career path and pursue their dreams even before they had the opportunity to enter show business. While others have their own reasons like prioritizing their studies, health, family, and other personal reasons. One of these celebrities is Maybelyn dela Cruz.

She has been one of the most popular celebrities of her generation. She was given a lot of opportunities when it comes to movies and television projects. She started her career as a actress in the “Home Along Da Riles” sitcom. She portrayed as the daughter of Nova Villa’s character in the popular sitcom back in 1992.

Back in 2009, she also becomes part of Kapuso television series including “Tinik sa Dibdib” and “Maaari Ka Bang Mahalin”. In 2013, she was also part of “Anna Karenina”. It was back in 2005 when she met her husband in the National Assembly of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL), where she performed as a host.

Three years after that, the 35-year-old actress married Dagupan councilor, Michael Fernandez. The couple loves traveling together. They had been to Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States.

After a few years, the former actress also entered politics as she tried to run as a city council in Dagupan City. She even got the highest number of votes when she was re-elected in 2013. Her term ended in 2019. She is not just a public servant but she also serves as a Red Cross volunteer.

The couple is blessed to have their first"anak" through “In-vitro fertilization” in Lee Women’s Hospital (LWH) in Taichung, Taiwan. They named their daughter, Mia Olivia Fernandez who was born on February 14, 2017.

It only goes to show that no matter how famous or successful you are, you will definitely achieve genuine happiness with your own family. That is why we should all be grateful for what we have together with our respective families because you will never know that there is someone who really wanted to have the family you have.
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