Nancy Mcdonie Before Joining Momoland Dance Group

It was never easy to take the career path you really wanted to pursue. But if you have the determination to have that dream of yours, you will definitely be on the right track. Just like this famous celebrity who is greatly admired and loved by the public because of her sweet and angelic face and her amazing talents as well.

She is no other than Nancy Jewel McDonie, professionally known as Nancy of Momoland. She is a 20-year-old American-South Korean singer, actress, and host. Their famous girl group Momoland was formed on November 10, 2016, through the reality survival show “Finding Momoland”. They became more prominent for their hit dance craze entitled “Boom Boom” back in January 2018.

It was no doubt that Nancy has been the lead vocalist and the lead dancer of the group because of her impressive talent and stunning beauty. She may be one of the most admired celebrities nowadays but little did we know that she had also experienced a lot of trials before she was able to achieve the fame and success she has now.

Nancy has an American blood because her father is an American while her mother is a Korean. She grew up in America but they migrated to Korea where she studied high school. She also has an older sister named Brenda Lee McDonie, a cellist. Nancy started her career by trying out in some auditions like the “Korea’s Got Talent”, and “Tooniverse Mak Irae Show”.

She is also a member of Sunny Girls, a 5-piece K-Pop girl group. She is not just a popular performer but she is also dubbed as the social media’s sweetheart. Today, she was also given a chance to try local television film series where she will be partnered with Kapamilya actor James Reid. A lot of her fans and supporters were very delighted to know that Nancy will be having a project with our fellow Filipino who is also a great actor and performer himself.

True enough that through your determination and perseverance you can definitely achieve your dreams in the future. You just have to be strong and to be able to conquer all your worries and fears as you go along with your journey just like what Nancy did.
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