Old Mysterious Bag Discovered in an 40 Year-Old Ancestral House

Love letters are indeed one of the most romantic and sweetest things you can ever receive from someone who loves you dearly. Filipino man before usually writes and sends love letters to their loved ones and most especially for the woman that they truly admire and love the most.

Unfortunately in the past few decades, this common way of expressing someone’s true feelings towards another had already been forgotten. Maybe because of our modern technology today which is a lot more convenient for everyone. Even the young generation’s way of communicating and speaking nowadays is very different from before.

But despite the fact that writing love letters had already been forgotten by many, there was this woman who found a bag full of love letters as her family decided to renovate their ancestral home. “Gela” is the one who shared on social media the mysterious bag she had found in their ancestral house. She was very surprised to know that inside that bag were a lot of amazing love letters from a man named Alfredo. The bag has his identification card and a photo of him with a woman.

Alfredo Custodio had written a lot of heartwarming love letters for a woman named “Daday”. He uses profound and beautiful words as he confessed his love for the woman. A lot of netizens could not help but admire Alfredo for being so poetic that he was able to express his true feelings through his letters. Unfortunately, he was not able to give “Daday” all of the letters he wrote just for her.

Today, Alfredo already has his own family and wife. Although he and Daday didn’t end up together, it was really a breath of fresh air to know their love story which is already 4 decades ago! According to an interview, Alfredo revealed that he truly loves Daday before but his love for her was still unknown to her as he had been afraid to lose her from the very start.

And now that he is already a married man, he loves and respects his wife. True enough that when we truly love someone, we should have the determination and the strong will to tell him or her about your feelings

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