Rico Yan's Nephew Alfonzo Yan-Tueres To Enter Showbiz Soon

Many Filipinos admired the late matinee idol, Rico Yan, for his great smile, impressive talents, and his good looks. A lot of us would always remember him as a great actor and the perfect leading man for Claudine Barretto. But sadly, he had been gone too soon when he bids goodbye to our lovely world during his prime years. The 27-year-old model, film and television actor, host, spokesperson, and entrepreneur had easily captured the hearts of many Filipino people.

According to some reports, His lost was caused by acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. On March 28, 2002, some of his friends were surprised that he actually prepared food for them for the very first time. It had been a very long night and Rico slept at 2 in the morning. Some of his friends revealed that they heard him moaning at around 6 am but they just thought that he was just snoring by that time and just ignored it. But at 9 in the morning, they decided to wake him up already but it was too late.

Many people were really saddened by the news It has been more than 18 years since the unfortunate incident which brings a lot of sadness even until today. Rico Yan's loyal fan and supporters were very happy when they heard the news that his Nephew, who have the same smile and looks , will join showbiz soon.

It was just recently when one of his fans named Nemrac Sogubac Amlap shared a photo of Rico’s nephew who really looks like him! The RYCB (Rico Yan-Claudine Barretto) fans were very delighted to see once again their beloved idol through his nephew. He  is the son of the late actor’s sister, Geraldine.. It seems that Rico loved his family so much that is why his nephew looks very similar to him!
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